[svlug] Re: A strange question... underclocking CPUs

Dave Zarzycki dave at zarzycki.org
Wed Mar 28 12:41:09 PST 2001

On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Kevin Nelson wrote:

> So my question is this: Could I buy a CPU and underclock it?

With the way Intel makes CPUs today, you cannot adjust the multiplier.

> Could I buy a 133 MHz bus CPU and put it into a 100 MHz bus
> motherboard?

Yes, that should work.

BTW - Since you already have a single 400MHz PII in a dual-processor
capable motherboard, you should know that both the Linux kernel developers
and Intel don't "support" mixing CPU types, speeds steppings, etc.
(Although, in practice it works for some definition of "works" *most* of
the time. YMMV.)


Dave Zarzycki

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