[svlug] Re: svlug digest, Vol 1 #642 - 6 msgs

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Mar 28 09:09:02 PST 2001

begin Al Udal quotation:

> My mistake was I tried to do it as an ASCII/text attachment, inline
> text obeys '79th-wrap' command pretty close. I just didn't want to
> have a 15 kb chunk of text inline with other messages, and I believe
> it's against the rules of this mailing list to post that big.

I don't know about a formal rule, but that is indeed awfully large
for a mailing list, regardless of how it's packaged.  (Please _do_ 
send your text in-line, by the way, rather than resorting to MIME crud.)
> May I send it to rick at linuxmafia.com instead, naturally with all the
> proper wraps?

I did eventually read through the copy you posted.

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