[svlug] DSL provider (raw bandwidth <-> pacbell?)

Rafael raffi at linwin.com
Tue Mar 27 22:23:02 PST 2001

On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, David Madison wrote:

> Rick replies to Rafael:
> > > Westel modem and a bunch of filters for other devices on the phone line.
> >                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > Or a splitter, which I consider a better solution.
> IIRC, when I cracked open the POTs splitter, it was merely a hi- and
> lo-pass filter.

Splitter is not a filter. It might include filters but not necessarily.
Splitters by their nature do filter to some degree but that's more
parasitic than desired.

> Admittedly, you are probably referring to the phone jack line filters
> which are likely of lower quality than the filters in the POTs splitter,
> and wouldn't be as good if you used it for your entire phone system.

There is one bigger filter and a bunch of smaller ones. I used the bigger
one for all the phones I have and don't have any noise on the line. It
works well.

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