[svlug] Adding a new HDD -- mini-HOWTO -- a newer version

Rafael raffi at linwin.com
Tue Mar 27 22:06:02 PST 2001

On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Al Udal wrote:

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Quick check:

Step 1. Go single-user mode
I made it simply by editing this line in my /etc/inittab file to look like

There are more elegant ways to kill other users and daemons in your system
unawares, I admit (like issuing init 1, whatever you at at the moment,
kudos to Eric Gray for a tip) but I somehow feel mine is cleaner, however
rude. Now, after reboot, you're a root, and at least, all daemons and
other users are dead by the book.

Too many steps too much torture on the sysadmin side. Changing
/etc/inittab to install new hardware?

Why so many reboots and editing in /etc? You only need to power down the
system to install the drive. The rest is done later in single or multiuser
mode. Raid system is another matter but that's not a solution for generic
ATA drives.

Unless the machine is heavily used, it's unlikely anybody would notice
swapping /usr. Even if they do it would be only for a short period of

There is one thing that you cannot easily do, move /lib to another
partition because it breaks basic functionality for most critical system
binaries. It might be possible you get away with it using busybox since
it's staticaly compiled but I haven't tried that yet.

-- Rafael Skodlar
    MS Windows, a digital form of Mad Cow Disease.

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