[svlug] Re: Audio DAT to MP3

Romain Kang romain at kzsu.stanford.edu
Mon Mar 26 00:46:02 PST 2001

| What do I need to cut audio DAT tapes into MP3s?  I don't have an
| audio DAT deck, and in particular have not done any MP3 ripping
| previously, some some general guidance would be appreciated.

The usual place I check for audio under Linux is:

To get from tape to disk, I use an audio-capable DAT drive with
free DATlib utilities from
It takes a bit of poking around, but the key utility is "playtrack",
which extracts a binary image from the tape.

My usual MP3 encoder is notlame:
It's quicker and sounds better than Lame, though I could also use
the non-free Fraunhofer-licensed encoder in CoolEdit.  notlame can
encode either raw binary or .WAV, big or little endian.

I usually convert to .WAV with sox and edit on the Windows side of
the house with CoolEdit 2000, though if anyone has an audio editor
under Linux that satisfies them, I'd be interested to hear.

| What is the preferred way to stream MP3's?  I specifically need to
| ensure that they are not downloadable files (I realise that
| listeners could record off the streamed tracks).

I have not done this, but a promising article is at

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