[svlug] Audio DAT to MP3

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Sun Mar 25 22:38:01 PST 2001

What do I need to cut audio DAT tapes into MP3s?  I don't have an
audio DAT deck, and in particular have not done any MP3 ripping
previously, some some general guidance would be appreciated.

What is the preferred way to stream MP3's?  I specifically need to
ensure that they are not downloadable files (I realise that
listeners could record off the streamed tracks).

Details: The recordings are of a technical conference
(http://www.meraweb.org/) and cover roughly 6 hours, representing 4
sessions, with one session bridging two tapes (so I'll need to cut
one tape into two sound segments, and splice one of them onto the
end of the previous tape).  

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