[svlug] Me too, oh, me too!

Smitty 76543a at mpinet.net
Sat Mar 24 22:28:01 PST 2001

Stephanie Garcia wrote:
> Let me too join on the Raw Bandwidth train.  After hearing nothing but good
> about them on this mailing list, and after dealing with Concentric's crap and
> a Earthlink PPPoE line (faugh!), I decided to check out rawbandwidth.  Signed
> up, got online two and a half weeks later (three days early, I nearly lost my
> mind with joy), and have been blissfully content ever since.
> Mike Durkin is a gem, who's always been extraordinarily helpful, and given the
> best support I have ever seen.  During my one brief problem, I emailed him,
> sent him pings and traceroutes, and he dealt with PacBell for me.
> I'd pay double the price for that kind of service.
> Stephanie
I just emailed Raw Bandwidth's marketing dept. your comments.  It will
take about three months to get the increased rates approved and
published.  The stockholders love customers like you.

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