[svlug] DSL provider (raw bandwidth <-> pacbell?)

Compunuts compunuts001 at netscape.net
Sat Mar 24 13:41:02 PST 2001

Have you guys check out Telocity.com? Static IP; No contract required; no outages since I've had for 3 months now although somewhat dependent on Pacbell; good price (my ADSL is $ 39.95; 1.5 MB down/128K up), tech-support sucks but you don't need stinkin tech support; support 3 interface (USB, ethernet, parallel); you may run servers; Linux support, etc.....


> Those of you who are extremely price-sensitve, _please_ stick with
> crummy providers, rather than trying to drag down the good ones.  Again,
> I urge that only _self-sufficient_ people bother good companies like Raw
> Bandwidth and VIA.NET.  I'd hate to think I was partly responsible for
> ruining them by sending hordes of whiney, demanding, time-wasting
> penny-pinchers their way.
> > (raw is more expensive)
> Yes!  Raw Bandwidth Communications _is_ more expensive.  Penny-pinchers,
> please note that fact, and DO NOT CALL that company.  Please stick with 
> your unreliable, PPPoE-burdened PacBell service, which costs less.

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