[svlug] Perplexed about spam

Todd Lyons todd at mrball.net
Wed Mar 21 21:23:01 PST 2001

This doesn't affect me directly, but a fellow LUGger who works at an
ISP.  The following names are given to set the stage:
ISP:          isp.com
Site:         site.com
Open Relay:   relay.com
Asshole:      Jeff Aaron (jmaaron at wwonline.com)

isp.com has in their AUP a clause forbidding using systems within their
network for spam.  site.com used relay.com to send spam to (apparently)
many people, one of whom is Jeff (go look at his site at
http://jmaaron.wwonline.com/).  Jeff complained to isp.com and demanded
they shut down site.com or (and I quote) "your company will go out of
business because you'll never be able to get another internet connection
due to your reputation as a spam friendly company."  WTF???  If that was
the case, .kr would be unable to get a net connection <tongue_in_cheek>

Jeff should go complaining to relay.com, not to isp.com.  No spam flowed
through isp.com.  The question is, is isp.com legally or morally
obligated to cancel site.com's connectivity?  If this were an email
account, yes, shut it down (as yahoo and hotmail do).  But this is a
whole domain.  What are industry standard responses on this?  What are
the legal precedents?  If not asking here, where would be the
appropriate place TO ask?

What was the name of that anti-spam guy who got roasted when someone
sent out spam saying it was him?
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