[svlug] Linux Presentation Software Recommendations?

Stephen R. Savitzky steve at theStarport.org
Mon Mar 19 23:20:02 PST 2001

"Jeremy D. Zawodny" <jzawodn at yahoo-inc.com> writes:

> I'm looking for recommendations on presentation software for Linux. I
> need to prepare a PowerPoint-like presentation for a conference and
> I've never looked much into presentation software.

I usually use HTML.  Run the raw HTML through a stylesheet processor,
macro expander, or perl script to turn each slide into a suitable
<table> element.  An example can be found at:


There are a couple of advantages:

o Because it's HTML you can include links to relevant websites and other
  documents -- especially useful if you get lots of questions.  

o If you're doing web-based applications it's even better -- you can
  link to your demos.

o Putting all the slides in one huge page with href="#n" links between
  them makes transitions between slides blindingly fast -- no need to
  wait for the next page to load.

o By adjusting the height of the tables you can make the slide set
  suitable for printing, or for display on any size screen.

o HTML can be viewed anywhere in any browser.  Very convenient for
  emergencies, and for making your presentation available on the web
  after the talk.


That said, the coolest presentation software I've ever seen is Squeak,
as exemplified by Alan Kay's talk at ACM1 last week.  Squeak is a
programming system based on Smalltalk; each slide is a "project" which
is simply a screenfull of objects.  You can mix static text, graphics,
animation, and live demos at will; even on the same slide.

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