[svlug] Linux Presentation Software Recommendations?

joseph estevao arruda [zeruch] z at valinux.com
Sun Mar 18 22:07:01 PST 2001

Frankly, use Xfig and/or Kivio for flow charts, make your graphics in
gimp, and make your presentation in jpgs and html (truly, light,
reliable, cross-platform, and can be put into a zip or tar archive for

This actually has far lessto do with ideology than  practicality. Power
Point has single handedly escalated and foecibly obfuscated the way
people attempt to communicate clearly.


"Jeremy D. Zawodny" wrote:
> I'm looking for recommendations on presentation software for Linux. I
> need to prepare a PowerPoint-like presentation for a conference and
> I've never looked much into presentation software.
> I'd rather not install a massive software package (such as Star
> Office) just to make a presentation, but if it's the best tool for the
> job I'll do it.
> I'm sure someone's had to deal with this before...
> Thanks for any pointers.

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