[svlug] Consider my mini-HOWTO

Dagmar d'Surreal dagmar at dsurreal.org
Sun Mar 18 16:08:02 PST 2001

On Sun, 18 Mar 2001, Drew Bertola wrote:

> Anyone who's actively participated or lurked on this list for the past
> few years would know the answer to that question.  Of the posts I've
> archived for "_positive_ and useful" reference, ~20% (88 of 430) were
> authored by Rick.  (He's second only to my own posts [~40%] which I
> keep for historical reasons, but wouldn't find useful otherwise.)
> I would say that no one would consider Rick to be overly tactful; he
> is often terse.  I have grown to appreciate his brevity.  I have also
> come to appreciate his restraint.

He should really re-read his own posts before sending them.  Since I've
been here more often than not he's given me the impression that he has all
the loving personality traits that are the reason you so often see "Dan
Bernstien is a great guy and a loveable person" defacing websites.

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