[svlug] [redhat] signal.c:623:parse error before 'EXPORT_SYMTAB_not_defined'

Karen Shaeffer shaeffer at got.net
Thu Mar 15 19:36:02 PST 2001

On Wed, Mar 14, 2001 at 11:06:28PM -0800, Alvin Oga wrote:
> hi ya karen..
> if you mean "make menuconfig" and no other config changes...
> yes... it seems to compile okay for most kernels...
> once i start to turn off all the unsused stuff...
> and stuff like turn off smp on a simgle cpu mb....
> and turn off sound, turn off nls, turn off video4linux, turn off telephony,
> etc...things start to go bonkers...
> 	- esepecially if its patched according to redhats 7.0
> 	patches as of a few days ago... things that used to work dies miserbly now

Hi Alvin,

hmm, I do quite a bit of configuring and compile frequently these days. I
don't see any problems--excluding several blobs of warnings. I turn off
everything not being used.

 Karen Shaeffer
 Neuralscape; Santa Cruz, Ca. 95060
 shaeffer at neuralscape.com  http://www.neuralscape.com

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