[svlug] about RPM

Vince Duperron duperron at charter.net
Thu Mar 15 07:26:02 PST 2001


I have been following this thread in hopes of learning more about 
rpm.  I try the example below and if fails...

[vince at thingfish ~]% rpm -qa | grep inet
[vince at thingfish ~]% rpm -qa 
[vince at thingfish ~]% uname -rav
Linux thingfish 2.2.18pre21 #1 Sun Mar 4 14:45:32 PST 2001 ppc unknown

bobby 7% rpm -qa | grep inet
bobby 8% rpm -qa 
bobby 9% uname -rav
Linux bobby 2.2.18pre21-compact #1 Sat Nov 18 09:23:46 MST 2000 i586 unknown

I would expect that rpm -qa would Query All rpms in the data base.
I would expect to see a long stream of stuff.

Is this right?


> You may want to check if you have xinetd:
> rpm -qa | grep inet
> should tell you which you have.  
> xinet is configured in /etc/xinetd.conf (general config), and

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