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Drew Bertola drew at drewb.com
Wed Mar 14 19:47:01 PST 2001

You may want to check if you have xinetd:

rpm -qa | grep inet

should tell you which you have.  

xinet is configured in /etc/xinetd.conf (general config), and
/etd/xinetd.d/[ftp|telnet|etc] for particular service.  This looks
like a much nicer way of handling rarely used services.

Of course, you really should be using ssh and scp from the openssh
package.  Check for security upgrades first, though - I believe there
is one.

hsungsoo at myneed.com writes:
> hi!
> I've installed Redhat 7.0 with default option.
> there are telnet-0.17-7 and  ftp-0.17-6. 
> i want to run those daemon with inetd .
> but ther are no inetd.
> does anybody know which rpm package includes inetd program ?
> and how can i know some program which i need  is belongs to which RPM package ?
> thanks in advance.
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