[svlug] mroe rh-7.0 fun

Charles Peterman peterman at eecs.tufts.edu
Wed Mar 14 08:35:02 PST 2001

The last straw with me was RH's update service.  On my toy system, I
decided to see if it could actually update the kernel intelligently. 

It got everything right, save modifying lilo.conf and running LILO.
More greviously, it erases your old kernel so the machine won't boot with
its old settings.  Yes, I discovered this the painful way.

Kind of a major step in updating the kernel, one would think. 

But on the plus side, this experience added a new tool to my arsenal:

tomsrtbt is my rescue floppy of choice.  It is quite complete and



On Wed, 14 Mar 2001, Alvin Oga wrote:

> hi ya
> and if you thought rh-7.0 compiler problems was fun....
> wait till you try to patch a rh-7.0 with its upgrades
> from rh....and it doesnt rpm upgrade itself properly...
> 	( on a amd k6-2 system )
> if you real lucky... when you get past its boot sequence
> 	- hangs indefinitely during boot at "mounting filesystems"
> 	till you figure out whats wrong... 
> 		- nothing wrong...just bad rpm installs
> than..... you get the login prompt...enter user login...
> and no password prompt....cause it didnt rpm properly...
> 	- it just flashes and ask for login again...
> re-insatll the rpms again...and the libpam_misc is now
> properly installed....  but am still getting "disk full"
> even if its only 95% used...
> 	- guessing that its glibc problems during rpm'ing
> - if the machine aint broke...do you upgrade it and patch it???
> 	-- well.. this was the test box...so its okay...but...
> --- at least debians install upgrades and stuff does not seem
> --- to fail its upgrades...
> have fun linuxing
> alvin
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