[svlug] Using RPM

Breen Mullins bmullins at pacbell.net
Wed Mar 14 06:55:01 PST 2001

On Wed, 14 Mar 2001, Charles Peterman wrote:

> Yes, you made a critical mistake, you are using Redhat....

I'm not touching that one..
> Actually, the problem is that
> > %> rpm -ivh gcc-2.96-54.src.rpm
> is a the RPM for the source code for gcc, not for the binary.  Hence the 
> .src. in the middle of its name, as opposed to an architecture (alpha,
> i386, etc)
> Actually this isn't a problem, its a _learning experience_.  If you
> go into your sources directory, and read all the instructions

or just type

# rpm -bb gcc.spec (or whatever the spec file is called).

Your binary RPM ends up in /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i[3456]86

Nice thing to try:

# rpm -bb --target i686 gcc.spec 

to optimize for a 686 processor. (Although when I did this for 
the latest update to glibc the _compiler_ segfaulted. Didn't 
happen with a vanilla i386 build.)

As Charles says, it's a learning experience.

Cheers -


Breen Mullins
San Mateo, Calif.
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