[svlug] Outlook + Sendmail + SSL issue?

Mark Symonds mark at symonds.net
Mon Mar 12 19:01:02 PST 2001

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Subject: [svlug] Outlook + Sendmail + SSL issue?

> I'm getting a lot of complaints from my outlook/outlook express
> users that mail performance is flaky. I have sendmail 8-11-1
> in production using SSL IMAP or SSL POP3 as the only available
> protocols. Netscape email works fine on the same connections.
> Anyone out there running SSL + IMAP where people have Outlook
> clients? I'm 99% sure this is a Micro$oft issue (hell, I'm
> not running Exchange, why should it work, right?) but I want
> to explore all possibilities before I just say "tough" to 100
> users :)

It's a Microsoft issue (surprise, surprise):


... the problem seems to be fixed in OE5


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