[svlug] Linux and 3dfx

Terrio Echavez malaya at pacbell.net
Mon Mar 12 14:17:02 PST 2001


At home, I got a SuSE Linux 7.0 desktop (Abit dual-processor pci motherboard with dual Intel PIII 733 mhz,
256mb ram, 20 gig DMA66 hard drive and 6 gig DMA33 hard drive, 3dfx Voodoo 3500 16mb video ram, Creative Labs
Ensoniq 1371 pci sound card, and a Viewsonic 14ES monitor).  Anyway, after two days of tweaking with the SuSE
3dfx drivers, I have successfully installed the Linux versions of Quake3 Arena, Heretic 2, Unreal Tournament
(Game of the Year Edition) Doom I, Doom II, Tux Racer, and SDL Heretic.  With Doom I, Doom II, and SDL
Heretic, everything plays nicely and normally (I guess because these games don't use the 3dfx drivers).
However, with Quake3, Heretic 2, Unreal Tournament, and Tux Racer - the games play beautifully; however, when
exiting to the KDE desktop I return to a mess of camouflaged colors and have no choice but to press
[Ctrl][Alt][BackSpace] which kicks me out to the KDM log on screen.  Also, what's interesting, is when I
start Tux Racer, a small to large 3dfx logo flashes on the screen just before the Tux Racer options are

As far as the video drivers, I cannot get 3dfx to work at all with the default Voodoo3 or Voodoo3 3500 from
the 3dfx-SVGA XF86Setup drivers.  However, when using the SuSE combined Voodoo-Banshee driver (in safe as
opposed to secure mode) and specifying 16mb of video ram, the Device3dfx driver works the way as described
above (i.e., everything plays wonderfully but [Ctrl][Alt][BackSpace] to exit to the KDM log on screen).  For
drivers I use Device3dfx, mesa3dfx, glidevg (voodoo graphics), glidesdk, and glidev3  (Voodoo3) using rpm
-Uvh --force ...  On the otherhand, Xscreensaver works flawlessly with no funky errors messages appearing
anywhere.  Oh well, maybe I have nothing to complain about.  But if anyone else having experience with 3dfx
and Linux where your exits for the 3dfx games land you back to the desktop as oppossed to the log-on screen,
I would love to hear your experiences.

Best regards,

Terrio Echavez

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