[svlug] ACL lists?

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Mon Mar 12 13:56:01 PST 2001

Robert L. Harris writes:

> I just started helping a local school with a proxy server they have
> running on a computer lab.  It was also doing their firewall...  A
> nice little RedHat 6.X box.  
> While digging I noticed there were NO firewall rules in effect and
> the ACL lists set up were blocking 1/2 the classes (not sure how) from
> getting to the net at all.
> For basic functionality we had to disable the ACL rules and tell the 
> students (jr/sr high) that there are filters and VERY serrious logging
> in place.  The school doesn't want to be sue'd because Johnny's mom/dad
> doesn't want him looking at pictures he shouldn't be looking at.
> Does anyone have a cut/paste for an ACL I can put in to blox things
> like XXX, SEX, etc that should keep the admins happy?  If we can't get
> something decent in place, the admins' position is to just rip access
> out all together.

I'm pretty sure that my views on this subject are well known around
SVLUG.  Attorney James Tyre suggested that

> You might wish to point him to last week's California Fourth District
> (including SV) Court of Appeal Opinion in Kathleen R. v. City of
> Livermore
>          "In this case we hold that a city is not subject
>         to suit for damages or an injunction for
>         offering unrestricted access to the Internet
>         through computers at a public library."
> Opinion at
> http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/data2/californiastatecases/a086349.pdf
> And see http://censorware.net/article.pl?sid=01/03/07/088241

... whether this applies to public schools too will be a good
question.  (If this is a private school, as they say, all bets are

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