[svlug] ACL lists?

Robert L. Harris Robert.L.Harris at rdlg.net
Mon Mar 12 11:15:02 PST 2001

I just started helping a local school with a proxy server they have
running on a computer lab.  It was also doing their firewall...  A
nice little RedHat 6.X box.  

While digging I noticed there were NO firewall rules in effect and
the ACL lists set up were blocking 1/2 the classes (not sure how) from
getting to the net at all.

For basic functionality we had to disable the ACL rules and tell the 
students (jr/sr high) that there are filters and VERY serrious logging
in place.  The school doesn't want to be sue'd because Johnny's mom/dad
doesn't want him looking at pictures he shouldn't be looking at.

Does anyone have a cut/paste for an ACL I can put in to blox things
like XXX, SEX, etc that should keep the admins happy?  If we can't get
something decent in place, the admins' position is to just rip access
out all together.


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