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Hi folks,

I forward this email because there has been some interest in ricochet modems
and various interoperability issues. Well, you can attend this meeting and
probably ask some questions. For those of you not familiar with IEEE
meetings, they are informal and questions are welcomed during and after

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Note from Michael McDonald:
IEEE Communication Society (Santa Clara Valley Chapter) 

WEBSITE: http://www.ewh.ieee.org/r6/scv/comsoc/scv_comms.htm
EMAIL: ieee_comsoc1 at hotmail.com

The coming years will see the emergence of many new mobile multimedia
services. Mr. Friday will present an overview covering the capacity and
performance of Metricom's MCDN technology, the foundation of the Richochet
128 kbps wireless access network. The relationship between TCP performance
and the MCDN protocols will be discussed and performance data from the field
presented. In reference to capacity, the usage patterns of the wireless
subscriber will be presented and the capacity of the Ricochet network in
both data throughput and subscribers will be covered.

As Chief Scientist and Director of Advanced Technology, Bob Friday is
currently responsible for driving the evolution of MCDN technology. Mr.
Friday has worked at Metricom since 1987 and was has been a key contributor
in the development of all the company's wireless networks. From 1987 to
1995, He was responsible for the development of Metricom's Radio Frequency
technology in the company's Utilinet meter reading network and the 28.8 kbps
Ricochet networks. Mr. Friday was one of the key architects of Metricom's
128 kbps Ricochet network and responsible for ensuring the network met its
performance and capacity goals. Mr. Friday holds a bachelor's degree in
Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech and a master's degree in RF
communication theory from San Jose State University. 

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