[svlug] multiple ricochet wireless router?

Joey Hess joey at kitenet.net
Sat Mar 10 14:27:02 PST 2001

Anmol Khirbat wrote:
> With all the modems plugged into a single box, multilink PPP is a
> possibility. Your kernel or ppp modules must be built with PPP Multilink
> support. You also need a version of pppd which supports the mp stuff, pppd
> 2.4.x for instance.
> The catch is that multilink PPP must be supported by the other end too.  
> I guess getting all this to work is a long shot.

With ricochet modems, as far as I know, the "other end" of the ppp
connection is the modem. These devices do not speak ppp over the air,
they use "lightweight ethernet protocol", or something like that (I
forget what it's called). The ppp interface is presented to you by the 
modem itself.

What you want is a feature of linux kernels that allows you to bring up
multiple interfaces and set up multiple defaults routes, one default
route to each interface. Then linux does some sort of per-connection load
balancing, assigning each new connection to an appropriate interface
(it may be as dumb as a round-robin, or it may be more intelligent, dunno).
You probably have to use the 'ip' utility to do this, and I haven't done
it; this info is second hand.

see shy jo

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