[svlug] Monitor just turns off!!!

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Sat Mar 10 12:32:02 PST 2001

Paul Jasa writes:

> Help!!   This is SO annoying!!   In an attempt to make my monitor stay ON, I
> have tried it all:
> 1) xset -dpms
> 2) check the BIOS
> 3) check the Gnome settings
> And still, my monitor turns goes on a blank stand-by after about 5 minutes
> of bieng still......    Not even my expert linux friend has been able to
> figure this one out.   Can someone toss in any other advice???   I have two
> boxes doing the identical thing:
> One is a REd Hat 7
> One is a Suse 7.1
> I would like to keep the screen-saver running forever!!!!  Thank you in
> advance for your help.

It could be a hardware setting in the monitor; maybe the monitor has a
series of menus which control when it will power down.

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