[svlug] multiple ricochet wireless router?

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Sat Mar 10 12:31:01 PST 2001

Since you won't have server-side support, your options are very
limited.  A single TCP connection, for example, probably has to go
through one or another Ricochet, and can't be further divided.

What WinGate is probably doing is choosing the least-loaded interface
whenever a new masqueraded outbound connection is needed.  (I hope
they haven't patented this or anything.)

I don't know offhand a way to simulate this under Linux, although it
should be possible.  An alternative, if you're using a private network
and masquerading (which is what WinGate gives you), is to have IP
aliases for your Ethernet interface, thus:

eth0  (just exists)
eth0:0 masqueraded through ppp0
eth0:1 masqueraded through ppp1
eth0:2 masqueraded through ppp2
eth0:3 masqueraded through ppp3

eth0, eth0:0, eth0:1, eth0:2, and eth0:3 are different IP addresses on
your local LAN.  Any machine which is configured to use a specific IP
address as its gateway shares a particular Ricochet modem with all
other machines which were also configured to use that IP address.
This probably gives performance _near_ what WinGate would provide,
although if WinGate is clever, it can improve on this somewhat some of
the time (especially when there are fewer than 4 simultaneous network

This is actually not necessarily a configuration nightmare, because if
this machine is also a DHCP server, it could be configured to tell
each machine to use a particular IP address as a gateway.

For example, suppose you have the private network as
the internal network.  Then let eth0 of the router machine be and let eth0:1 be, eth0:2 be,
eth0:3 be, and eth0:4 be  (Yeah, it's
frustrating that you couldn't use

OK, now any given machine uses 192.168.64.n as its gateway, where n is
the machine's own IP address mod 4, plus one.  Then when you give out
DHCP leases, if you give out 192.168.64.m, you need the gateway to be
192.168.64.(m%4)+1.  This might be feasible.

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