[svlug] Milpitas Volunteer request???

svlug@tcu-inc.com svlug at tcu-inc.com
Sat Mar 10 12:14:02 PST 2001

Craig Howard is his name. 
I will be working with him as we collaborate. I was the other guy
talking about eastmont.net. 

His phone at the Joseph Weller Elementary School is 408-945-2428. 
I don't have an email. 

> Do any of you remember that day of our last SVLUG meeting that one gentle man from Milpitas Unified School distric was asking for volunteers for installation and stuff like that? I had to leave early that day so that I couldn't get more info.. If you have that gentle man name and e mail addy, I'd appreciate it if you could forward it. Since I work close to Milpitas area, I might have some time to spare. Thanks.
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