[svlug] multiple ricochet wireless router?

Jay Doane doane at almery.com
Sat Mar 10 01:20:02 PST 2001


Is it possible to set up a Linux router using multiple ricochet
wireless modems?

Below is more detailed background/requirements, replete with the OB:
Windows bogoware bashing.

I'm working at a brand new startup (currently 20, growing at about 10
per month) near South Park in SF.  We have been told by SBC that they
cannot supply us with either phone lines or T1 (which are the same
thing in our case) for at least 4 weeks (!)

Since the building was a former dotcom, it is wired interally, and our
machines are all connected to the lan.

The really horrible part is that we are currently using 4 128Kbps
ricochet wireless modems in conjuction with some nasty "software"
called Wingate to connect to the Internet.  Each (Windows) machine
with a ricochet attached to it runs something called Wingate server
that allows connections from (Windows) machines running Wingate client
software.  On top of that, each client machine must be assigned a
static IP address and manually configured DNS servers.  The Wingate
plugin that enables "extended" network capabilites like NAT and DHCP
is so broken that I can't even bear to write about it.

As you might expect, this is an unscalable, insecure, and unreliable
solution: totally unacceptable to all the geeks in the company.

Naturally, we configured a Linux box to use one of the ricochets to
set up a ppp connection and act as a gateway/firwall/dhcp/caching
dns/squid proxy server for the enterprise.  It's very reliable, but
doesn't scale as well as the Wingate solution in the sense that all
the traffic that is going through 4 ricochets would subsequently have
to go through one.

So, is there any way to stack additional ricochets on the box, either
on additional serial connections or USB?

Has anyone gotten their ricochet to work on the USB with linux (I've
only been able to get the serial connection to function).  Does it
make a noticeable difference?  My understanding is that the max serial
throughput is 115200 bps, which is only fractionlly less than the
ricochet can supposedly achieve.

http://www.cwareco.com/eqlplus.html seems like it might be a good
place to start.  Has anyone used this patch for this particular
application?  Have you had any luck patching other kernels besides



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