[svlug] Starband PCI cards & Linux box

Al Udal aludal at SoftHome.net
Tue Mar 6 13:40:02 PST 2001

Hi, I'm a pretty much of a newbie in this Linux world,
but I'm also a pilot tester of Starband 2-way satellite broadband
Internet access system. It is based on Win98SE box which I tweaked
to its limits and beyond (well, sometimes...). Feel like I have hit the 
ceiling with pretty crappy Windoze TCP/IP stack.

Now I want to experiment with Starband system on Linux, but there's
no drivers for its Tx/Rx PCI cards, and Starband tech support for beta testers
promises that those will never be written.

I'm thinking of using VMWare, or WINE (or what else?) to try to wrap the 
problem. Any suggestions? Any Linux gurus over there ever tried Starband, to
tell me couple of words?


Alexander Udalov,
unemployed pilot tester,
San Jose, eastern hills

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