[svlug] 'stretched' screen in X?

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Tue Mar 6 13:35:01 PST 2001

  system: HP pavilion n5170 notebook, fresh install of debian testing, X
4.0.2 (latest X in debianm, I don't have access to said computer right
now), video card is s3 savage/IX, using LCD.

  X starts succesfully but the image is stretched out off the right side
of the screen, so the right side of what's supposed to be on the screen
is missing. The mouse pointer works correctly, so it goes all the way
from side to side (and not firther), but when I click it, the actual
action on the screen is to the right of the spot where I see the pointer
(the more to the right mouse pointer is the more off the actual 'action'
spot is).

  I guess some frequency is off or something like this but I have no
idea how to set up these for lcd. do they even have vert/horizonatl
frequencies? I'ce set them to whatever default said was reasonable (vert
35 - 70, and I tried to to change the upper limit to 60 and 50, no
change). maybe I need to change horizopntal, but the docs don't say
anyrthing - where do I find the info?

  the quality of image is not good either, it looks as if rgb dotsd were
much bigger, the picture is recognizable but you can see the vertical
rgb stripes.



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