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Sat Mar 3 17:50:03 PST 2001

This one give you a good feeling.

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Subject: [temp t13] Re: FW: Open Letter to NCITS T13 on Access Controls
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2001 13:56:42 -0800 (PST)
From: Andre Hedrick <t13 at linux-ide.org>
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On Sat, 3 Mar 2001, Curtis Stevens wrote:

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> Andre
> 	One of the things that my proposal attempts to do is remove the
> legal issues associated with standardizing a technology like copy protection
> from T13 and place it back on the device vendors.  E0112r1 places T13 in a

Curtis, I realize your point but can you be sure that your GUID will not
grant them any legal coverage for damages caused by this garbage?  I
everyone to have the opportunity to rip the money out of these greedy 
dirt-bags back pockets, when they end up harming the public.

> position where technologies like CPRM are not disclosed to T13.  I think you
> may be a little late with a showdown on standardizing the concept.  The last
> I heard, T10 has already incorporated the whole thing into MMC.  The biggest
> venue for Hollywood is currently DVD.  To the best of my knowledge, this is
> already a done deal.  You have been right on target with many of your legal
> calls.  I am not a legal guy, but I think this changes the picture a little
> bit.
> 	I can not comment on what Phoenix may do with DCO or SET FEATURES.
> I do expect that even if they use E01112r0 that device vendors implementing
> CPRM will leave a proprietary back door for re-enabling.  They are concerned
> about viruses,  applications, and competing copy protection technology
> disabling CPRM against the users will.

Curtis, this is not directed at you or your company.

Well I want it make it REAL-CLEAR, to the CPRM bone-heads!

If Linux-OS disables CPRM and it is RE-ENABLED by the "REAL-ROGUE-JAVA"
"LICENSED-APPLICATION-ON-THE-NET" I will file a class action lawsuit
against the drive maker, the oem, and every dirty-rotten-!@#$% that
damages linux-os and my-reputation as an os-writer.

You can bet your sweet-bippy that I will have a party because of the
destructive damage to the OS and file-systems this pile of crap will
cause in the world of business!  This has just lit the fire under me to
complete and publish the full-taskfile parser and jammer to this crap.

Curtis, this has nothing to do with your proposal.  It has everything to
do with the greedy little !@#$%^&*() that are going to violate the 
ownership rights of products and the use of those products.

I have made arrangements to speak with both of California's Senators and
seeking the audience with the Senators that sponsored DMCA and will
question their lack of foresight on the issue.  If the MPAA and SDMI can
go dork with legal issues then so can the Penguin!  I will inform them
that I have a method to destroy the functionality of CPRM without
violating the DMCA.  I will publish it without repsect for any laws
against me.  If I can not publish in the USA, I will publish in another
country that doesn't honor copy protection and, just as there is no way
stop the CPRM people, there is nothing that can be done to stop me.

I will create the perfect anal-retentive-host-driver.  These CPRM
designers will not play by the rules that if a host turns off a feature
that it is to stay off, thus I will now destroy the feature by not
allowing it to be accessed.  Only because they have decided to do gross,
anti-social, and dishonorable things like you have stated (violate the
will of the HOST) they will do, is the reason that lawlessness begets

Oh, against better judgement, I have included the
Just so my world will know and help protect me and Linux from the CPRM


Andre Hedrick
Linux ATA Development

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