[svlug] Computer Setup

Todd Lyons todd at mrball.net
Sat Mar 3 08:39:01 PST 2001

"Karl F. Larsen" wrote:

>         On Red Hat Linux the whole thing was the same. I looked at my
> setup and no DNS entry. I put it in and now Linux connects much faster. By
> the way it's a little like windows. You right click the little internet
> box and then click Properties and then advanced and there were the empty
> DNS entry places...:-) But you only need to put them in once.

Can you be a little more descriptive about where you are putting this? 
Is not /etc/resolv.conf good enough?  I know not how to right click on
anything to do this.  Is this dialup, DSL, cable-modem, other?  If it's
DHCP, then the DHCP server can be optimized to provide this information.

BTW, this is similar to one of my complaints at my local LUG.  (Note:
Karl, I'm not accusing you of being a newbie, just that the situation
appears to be similar.)  Mandrake is very big in our LUG (the other
officers push it very hard).  A newbie brings in a Mandrake box, clicks
on some icon and says "configure my system."  I don't know how to do
things with the GUIs.  I usually Ctrl-Alt-F2 and have them login as root
and do it that way.  As a nice side effect, they tend to think of you as
a god.
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