[svlug] SVLUG meeting Wed, March 7, 7 pm.: MAPS

Tom Geller svlug at tgeller.com
Fri Mar 2 11:47:01 PST 2001

We're pleased to announce the next meeting of SVLUG, this coming Wednesday.

   Mail Abuse Prevention System (MAPS)
   Peter Popovich, Director of Online Operations
   Tony K. Alexander, Esq., Staff Attorney

   Mail Abuse Prevention System (MAPS) is a not-for-profit
   organization based in Redwood City, California that provides
   spam prevention resources to Internet computer systems
   administrators and end users. MAPS' best-known project is the
   Realtime Blackhole List (RBL), a system for creating intentional
   network outages ("blackholes") for the purpose of limiting the
   transport of known-to-be-unwanted mass e-mail.  The RBL is
   available in a variety of formats including freely available

   MAPS has been experiencing legal challenges relating to its
   publishing of the RBL, and this talk will cover both technical
   and legal aspects of the RBL. In addition, the speakers will
   describe other MAPS services, such as the Dialup Users List
   (DUL), Relay Spam Stopper (RSS) and Transport Security
   Initiative (TSI).

   Wednesday March 7, 7pm-9pm or so.

   Cisco Building 9.
   The land of NUMBERS. The VINEYARDS conference center.
   The side we are on is the Silver Oak/Jordan conference rooms,
   where a large Cisco fountain is usually not turned on.
     Directions on how to get there are listed at:
     *** use this if you encounter DNS problems reaching it ***
     We've tried our very best for these directions to be accurate.
   If you have any improvements to make, please let our Web Team
   know! web-team at svlug.org

   It's best if you arrive close to on time, as otherwise
   there may not be someone posted at the door to let you in.
     After the speakers end their presentation there is usually
   a Q&A session, time for job seekers and employers to meet,
   and often a few door prizes.
     When the meeting is over people are encouraged to chat a bit,
   but also to exit the building so Cisco can lock up.  Don't
   worry, a lot of us go to dinner afterward so there's plenty
   of time to chat outdoors or offsite.

We look forward to seeing you there!

          Tom Geller  *  San Francisco * tgeller.com
bandwidthpr.com, openppc.org, suespammers.org, popcomputers.com

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