[svlug] Hmmpf. Technopeasants.

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Mar 2 10:56:01 PST 2001

begin Anthony Chu quotation:

> Please unsubscribe aachu at home.com.
> Thanks very much.    
> Anthony

You'll have to take it up with Jack Domo.

It all depends whether you have the five-year or the lifetime
subscription.  Both of these can be terminated in the same way, through
patience or death.  For termination-through-death, your will should
specify a number of, eh, specific and interesting clauses, including a
generous bequest to the CyberPeasant Relocation Fund.  We have lawyers
here who will help with this.

To discover which kind of subscription you have, you will need to study
the mail headers in great detail.  Most of us here can't help, since
we're lifers, having sold our souls to Satan, are Crack addicts, and/or
are under the control of various background daemons.  Others have
inherited their subscriptions from deceased, caring friends or
relatives, and would no more think of unsubscribing than of jumping off
a bridge.

It's possible that your subscription is new enough that you can still
cancel it by stopping payment on the credit-card charge.  There are
several list members who will assist you in this, but they will need
your credit card and bank account numbers, in order to verify our
records.  Just post these numbers to the list, and the proper personnel
will process your accounts in 24 hours.

The Operations Officer here is a volunteer retired military officer, 
Major Jack [Full-Metal Jacky] Domo; you can ask him for help at
majordomo at lists.svlug.org, once you have studied the mail headers to
find your subscription type.

It is said that unsubscribing is like taking a sh**: nobody else
can do it for you.

[Lifted from a post to dc-stuff at dis.org by djv at bedford.net .  Alas,
the joke is somewhat impaired by our no longer running Majordomo,

Cheers,                              "Open your present...."
Rick Moen                            "No, you open your present...."
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