[svlug] parport & the parallel port

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Mar 1 14:58:01 PST 2001

begin  Dire Red quotation:
> On a prior implementation, my printer port was lp1 even though I only
> had one parallel port. On my current box with the current kernel I
> have, it's lp0.

/usr/src/linux/Documentation/parport.txt for 2.2.x kernels says:

Both the above examples would inform lp that you want /dev/lp0 to be
the first parallel port, and /dev/lp1 to be the _third_ parallel port,
with no lp device associated with the second port (parport1).  Note
that this is different to the way older kernels worked; there used to
be a static association between the I/O port address and the device
name, so /dev/lp0 was always the port at 0x3bc.  This is no longer the
case - if you only have one port, it will default to being /dev/lp0,
regardless of base address.

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