[svlug] FIPS-like software for Linux

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Sat Jun 30 12:09:02 PDT 2001

Ivan Passos writes:

> Hello,
> The problem: I need to create a new ext2 partition on my Linux HD, but I
> don't have any free space that's unclaimed by other partitions. So, I
> need to resize (reduce) one of my current partitions and then create the
> new ext2 partition with the newly available HD space.
> Questions:
> - Is this possible with ext2 filesystems, as it is with FAT filesystems?
> - If so, is there an application that runs _on Linux_ that allows me to
>   do that?? I know of Partition Magic and FIPS, but they are DOS/Windows
>   based programs ... plus, I don't know whether they can do this partition
>   resizing on an ext2 filesystem (I don't even know whether this is
>   possible in the first place ... :( ... ).

There are now a lot of these.  Here is one list of them:


I believe there is at least one other free program which does this.

The Linuxcare Bootable Business Card has resize2fs and parted and
might be a convenient way to do this.

I tested parted at one point and found that it appeared to work
correctly; you have to be careful with it because the interface is not
the most obvious thing.  (Think of the traditional Linux "fdisk"
interface -- you definitely have to think about what is going on.)

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