[svlug] manners

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sat Jun 30 12:04:01 PDT 2001

begin  Dire Red quotation:

> So, when a newbie comes on a list and says, "I need to do DNS" (in 
> some variant or another), invariably they're sent to a man page, 
> without specifying which page. Or, as in my case, kicked off the IRC 
> channel that was specifically FOR help.

You're just not 31337.

> I'll never forget the tale of the junior sysadmin who, having figured 
> out it was BIND she was looking for, went looking for that term on 
> Altavista. Very few of the hits had to do with DNS....

Heh.  Of course, if one is easily annoyed by clever games with acronyms
(like "BIND"), one's going to positively psychoceramic upon prolonged
exposure to Unix and especially freenixen -- and thereby acquire the
sysadmin nature, I guess.

Cheers,                     "Get the facts first.  You can distort them later."
Rick Moen                                                     -- Mark Twain
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