[svlug] Help! Laptop losing ~6 seconds/minute

Robert Citek rwcitek at uci.edu
Thu Jun 28 16:40:03 PDT 2001

Hello Stephen,

At 10:40 AM 6/24/2001 -0700, Stephen P Williams wrote:
>the times reported will start off very close (~1-2 seconds different).
>About an hour later, the 'date' will be almost 6 minutes behind the
>Have any of you ever run into anything similar?

Yup.  Just discovered it with one of my workstations.  Again the hardware
clock runs just fine (hwclock), but the system clock drifts (date).

Right now the solution I am using is to stick rdate -s server in root's

Any thoughts as to what's going on?

- Robert

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