[svlug] Usenet Quote Reformatting Program?

Todd Lyons todd at mrball.net
Thu Jun 28 09:44:02 PDT 2001

begin  Bill Jonas quotation:
>If using vim as your editor, use the gq command.  Place the cursor at
>the start of the block of text which you wish to reformat and then type
>"gq" followed by a motion command.  (eg, if you're in the middle of a
>paragraph and want to reformat that paragraph, move to the beginning of
>the paragraph with "{", hit "gq", then the motion command to move to the
>end of the paragraph, "}".)  If you want Pine-like behavior, you could

One of the things that really bugged me about this sequence of steps was
that I had to hit the shift key for the curly braces.  I did some
experimenting and found that gqw works the same as gq}.  This is on a
RedHat 6.2 system.  I don't understand why w works the same as } because
they are not supposed to.
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