[svlug] help w/ mutt and pgp...

Aaron Lehmann aaronl at vitelus.com
Wed Jun 27 23:24:05 PDT 2001

On Wed, Jun 27, 2001 at 10:18:48PM -0700, Rick Moen wrote:
> Well, on mine, gpg gets invoked automatically on incoming mail, based on
> parsing the headers.  (This works on the MIME variant.)  And, oddly
> enough, I elected to not use the MIME method outbound, for reasons
> discussed in a much earlier thread, here.

When using mutt it ususally makes sense to store the messages in
PGP/MIME format, even if they are "plain" in transit. I've found that
mutt is much more willing to deal with PGP/MIME messages, which is not
surprising if you know who wrote the RFC.

The necessary procmail magic, which should be at the top of the file

*!^Content-Type: (message/|multipart/|application/pgp)
	:0 fBwD
	*^-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----
	*^-----END PGP MESSAGE-----
	| formail \
	  -i "Content-Type: application/pgp; format=text; x-action=encrypt"

	:0 fBwD
	*^-----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
	| formail \
	  -i "Content-Type: application/pgp; format=text; x-action=sign"

I have a version for Maildrop too, if anyone is interested.

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