[svlug] Wireless Access Point for Linux networks?

Dagmar d'Surreal elberg at dsurreal.org
Mon Jun 18 16:35:02 PDT 2001

On Mon, 18 Jun 2001, Jeremy Zawodny wrote:

> > I've done it.  It's nowhere near as hard as it would first seem to
> > be.  There is one warning I should have thrown in earlier... it
> > appears that for the moment PCMCIA stuff in 2.4.x is in a state of
> > "nature" and can't really be used with wireless cards without some
> > twiddling.  Things work fine out of the box with the 2.2.x series
> > and latest pcmcia-cs package.
> Point to point or all wireless? I'm using the latest pcmcia-cs on a
> 2.4.4 kernel and it works rather well.

Ahh... 2.4.4 didn't give me any problems but 2.4.6 gave me tons of issues
resulting from the name change of the wireless card driver from wvlan_cs.o
to wavelan_cs.o.  It's basically just a name change, so it will all
probably be sorted out in time for the next kernel and pcmcia_cs releases.

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