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Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Jun 17 01:04:01 PDT 2001

begin  charmie at caltiger.com quotation:
> I have installed Linux 6.0 along with a Win98 installation in a system,
> that had Partition Magic 6.0 and Power Quest installed. While I tried to
> install LILO, it didn't get installed -- is that because, Boot Magic is
> already installed as the MBR ?

You didn't give us enough nearly information to answer this question.
For one thing, to what location did you "try to install LILO"?

When you say "It didn't get installed", what do you mean?  What symptoms 
appeared when the map installer (/sbin/lilo) attempted to install that
bootable LILO information to the target location?

> Normally, Boot Magic gives an option of booting into Win or if any other
> OS is installed. 

Is what it offers unchanged?

Possibly, you need a clearer outline of the x86 boot process.  It starts 
with the boot routines that form part of ROM BIOS call 13h.  That
routine (initially in charge of your computer) will search for bootable
devices listed in the ROM BIOS Setup settings (in the order specified),
and will load sector zero (512 bytes of data) of the first qualifying
device it finds, and turn over control of the computer to whatever code
it finds there.

Let's assume that it's your hard drive's sector zero that gets loaded.
The first 446 bytes are available for a small boot program.  In your
case, you say it's the initial part of Boot Magic (which might well be
true).  In other systems, it might be the unnamed Microsoft MBR program.
In other cases, it might be the LILO first-stage loader.

The remaining 66 bytes of sector zero are:  four 16-byte segments
(the 64-byte partition table), and two bytes left over at the end.
Most partition tables follow the IBM/Microsoft format (as yours surely
does).  There is alternatively the BSD "slice" format, and others.

To implement LILO, one can elect to have the map installer write its 
bootable information to the MBR (i.e., to sector zero), or one can 
say to write it to the superblock (in DOS terms, the "boot sector") 
of a primary partition.  If you do the latter, you'll have to have
in mind some strategy to force whatever you have in sector zero to
branch to LILO's location in the partition superblock.

Quite possibly, the latter is your problem, as you haven't yet
configured Boot Magic to include a branch to the Linux boot partition's 
superblock.  But you'll have to clarify this, since we can't tell from
your description.

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But in this case, I'm still having to use a Linux boot disk
> for booting into Linux :/
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