[svlug] [Q]half-open connection issue between Client and Server ?

Greg Herlein gherlein at herlein.com
Fri Jun 15 16:56:02 PDT 2001

> This seems better suited for UDP. Of course it forces you to
> do more work to add back in the reliability of TCP, but this
> type of application is the reason connectionless protocols
> are around.

Sometimes, but certainly not always.  TCP has advantages - like
getting handled automagically through NAT boxes for example -
that UDP does not have.  Also, TCP provides a reliable transport
for the bulk of the data, except for when the socket has
errors.  Writing that functionality on top of UDP would be a lot
more work.

Of course, if 100% message arrival needs to be assured for your
application, you had better design that into your application
layer protocol.  Whether that is then transported across TCP or
UDP is irrelevant.


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