[svlug] [Q]half-open connection issue between Client and Server ?

Joo joosvlug at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 14 07:40:02 PDT 2001

Hi Guru,

Sorry for ask off-topic(I thought some Linux server expert had similar experience to following)
My schem is :
my client maintains a TCP connection with a Server and is supposed to
receive some notification message any time from the Server(Linux). And the timeout
for receiving function is set to INFINITE(I mean, just waiting forever as
long as the connection is alive)

Now  problem is  :
unless Client sends some predefined message periodically(using sending
function) to the Server , it can't detect  'half-open connection'(eg. the
case of intermdediate router having crashed ).

I'd like to exclude the way of KEEPALIVE probing from Server which is rather inferior

So, I'd like to know how I overcomes that half-open connection???

I believe middleware such as SQLNet,Corba  or  popular messenger program like Yahoo or MSN  would face this kind of problem..

Is the best (or the only) way that Client should send some predefined
message periodically to Server?


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