[svlug] NAT from the outside

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Mon Jun 11 01:35:02 PDT 2001

Ivan Sergio Borgonovo writes:

> Is there any means to see if a gateway using NAT is hiding a LAN?

Not in general.

> Are there any "exotic" services that could require partial unhiding 
> or configuration nightmares if I want the service running but _also_ 
> if I want to hide that it is serviced by an internal machine?

They're not very exotic -- FTP can be one such.

Many services are now designed so that you can use them over an
arbitrary single 8-bit clean connection, which helps if you want to do
some kind of port redirection or tunnel.  This is a strong trend for
many reasons, including the rise of firewalls and NAT.

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