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I assume Jose _meant_ to ask this on-list.

begin Jose Sanchez quotation:
> Hi Rick, what does this do?

In combination with an entry in /etc/bind/named.conf, as follows...

#doubleclick.net must die
zone "doubleclick.net" {
        type master;
        file "/etc/bind/doubleclick.net.zone";

...it makes my nameserver purport to give authoritative nameservice
results for any hostname of the form *.doubleclick.net, where the result
it returns is null.

Thus, any machine that uses my nameserver will not see Doubleclick ad
banners at all, nor cooperate in their efforts to spy on users' browsing  
habits.  It was Don Marti's idea.  See:  http://zgp.org/~dmarti/

This is a more systematic approach than the common remedy of manually
adding ad-banner hostnames to /etc/hosts, resolving to IP
addresses, for at least three reasons:  (1) You can never keep up with
all the myriad variations of hostname foo in foo.evilcompany.com
domains.  (2) Many ad-banner sites are linked by IP addresses, rather
than hostnames.  (3) A nameserver solution as opposed to a static
host-file solution means you can benefit other hosts that elect to use
your nameserver, instead of just one machine.

Given the reliable kook quotient in every crowd, some will inevitably
object that this approach somehow constitutes "censorship".  They're
welcome to use different nameservers, or run their own.

(The above syntax is for BIND v. 8.x/9.x.  I've linked all known
open-source nameserver packages, including some suitable for
workstations, at the bottom of http://linuxmafia.com/~rick/faq/#djb .)

Cheers,          "A Discordian is a Taoist with a very strange sense of
Rick Moen         and the inability to sit still."
rick at linuxmafia.com   -- Rabbi Kwan Chi Sun Lieberwitz, _Jews for Buddha

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