[svlug] TechTV: VI vs Emacs Debate

joshuabrentano@techtvcorp.com joshuabrentano at techtvcorp.com
Tue Jun 5 16:05:04 PDT 2001

My name is Joshua Brentano and I'm a producer at TechTV, a national television
network focused entirely on computers and technology.  The show I work for, The
Screen Savers (www.thescreensavers.com), is a television series geared toward
educating people about computers and technology,  BUT at the same time, making
it fun and interesting.

     We are shooting several tech debates.  Some be used in the show, others
will be used to determine whether a new series should be developed around these
kinds of debates.  The debates are casual, but you should not be afraid to get
passionate as well.  You don't have to know everything about the topic you
choose, all you have to be is passionate about it.

     So, I am looking for people interested in participating in these debates.

     The debates topic that I feel you would be best at is:
     1.  VI vs Emacs

     (other topics you may consider)
     2.  OOP vs Procedural Programming
     3.  SCSI vs IDE
     4.  Hindsight: Was Apple's decision to discontinue the licensing of their
systems to clone manufactures, the right decision?

     The debates are to educate our audience, but at the same time to entertain.

     The shoot is approximately 2 hours, and will be edited down to 4-7 minutes.
We are shooting these debates this Friday, at various locations in the Bay area:
parks, restaraunts.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Joshua Brentano
Associate Producer
The Screen Savers
(415) 355-4425

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