[svlug] simple stochastic spam detection procmail script

Ajay atallam at rtworks.com
Tue Jun 5 02:46:01 PDT 2001

* John Conover <conover at rahul.net> [010605 00:48], about 
> Re: [svlug] simple stochastic spam detection procmail script:
:BTW, there are others besides ORBS. For example,
:    rblcheck -s rss.maps.vix.com -s dul.maps.vix.com \
:	     -s relays.mail-abuse.org -s dialups.mail-abuse.org \
:	     -s blackholes.mail-abuse.org

BTW: vix==mail-abuse.org ;)  (rss=relays, dul=dialups)

There's also dev.null.dk.

:away, too. (But dialups.mail-abuse.org is probably the best since
:most spam comes from dialups anyhow.)

	I find much more spam coming to our domain being blocked by relays
than dialups.

:Or, you can maintain your own black list from:

	Seems semi-interesting.. I'm really looking for some server-side
stuff myself.  (more than anything.)  And I'm not too interested in putting
procmail on our mail relay either. ;)

>-- End of excerpt from John Conover

	Here's a post from the postfix-users list that was interesting: []

> I'd rather see a decentralised service, with more of a community effort
> and where it's up to the individual postmaster which sites listed by
> that service they blacklist.

Check out http://razor.sourceforge.net/

[end]	Sounds pretty interesting in any case!  I haven't set it up yet
personally, and it isn't based on JUST the Received IP, because that is
highly variable.  (The only time that is really useful is when they are an
open relay which has been reported.  If ORBS is gone, then this is going to
be REALLY a lot more rare.)  (Speaking of which, I feel like I'm the only
one concerned about the whole ORBS thing?!?  Slashdot hasn't even covered it
either.. sheesh.)


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