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Rafael raffi at linwin.com
Tue Jun 5 00:41:01 PDT 2001

On Mon, 4 Jun 2001, Jose Sanchez wrote:

> Check out this guy's scoop on Linux...
> http://linux.cnet.com/linux/0-5826907-7-6017358.html

"Imagine an automobile assembly line that operates under the principles of
open source. As the chassis rolls down the line, each worker not only adds
a part to it but also chooses which part that is. The only

What's wrong with that mister?

"...are that the final product must be able to function like an

What else do you expect?

"...and that each worker must keep a public log of what he or she did.

FAA has such requirements also. So does the state for smog check.

"...cooperative and community endeavor for sure, but consider the possible
plight of the hapless person waiting to purchase such a warm and fuzzy

Cars are built similar to laptop computers, you cannot swap a damn thing
between different manufacturers and models with minor exceptions like
cigarette lighter and audio tape.

How about car kits? If they were more common we would have more options to
buy. Instead you have to buy all the "built in stuff" like radio, or soon
to be windoze in some models. Hope that won't happen.

All other analogies in his article go downhill from there.

".Perhaps, at some point on the line, someone wants to install a torque
converter that maximizes acceleration, but that causes a delay because the
transmission input shaft needs to be retooled to accommodate it? And on,
and on. "

What a nonsense. Linux distributions take care of OS stability the same
way as "code freeze" for commercial products does.

"Windows exists as 95, 98, Me, NT, and 2000, but they're all from the same
company, offering at least a perception of stability that's very
comforting to IS managers."

You can't run the same code on all "windoze distributions" either.

That article seems to be very much like the one about a year or so ago. It
seems that they leak out every few months as a poor if not primitive PR.

Feel sorry for the loser. Their radio show is not much better either. They
cannot or want to understand that IT IS POSSIBLE TO RUN BUSINESS WITHOUT

They are a bunch of socialists happy with what "the society[=monopolistic
corporation] provides them width", i.e. driving around in Yugos. How's
that fo analogy?

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