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David E. Fox dfox at m206-157.dsl.tsoft.com
Tue Jun 5 00:15:04 PDT 2001

> Check out this guy's scoop on Linux...
> http://linux.cnet.com/linux/0-5826907-7-6017358.html

Here's what I'm sending :)

If you are going to use cars as an analogy to how open source is
being used and developed, how about looking at Windows from a
car analogy. Lets say you bought a new car. Of course, there are only
a few models to choose from (those coresponding to 95, 95, NT - a
passenger car? - the others only have one seat, by the way). and most
are solid black, reminiscent of Henry Ford. 

Furthermore, no parts are available. You can't go out and get new tires, for
instance, and you can't open the engine to add your own oil or 'reverse
engineer' the carburetor or transmision in case they go wrong. If you have a
flat tire, you return the car and pay an upgrade fee.

Obviously,. most car owners would balk at restrictions like these. But they
are commonplace in a modern IT arena where one corporation (namely
Microsoft) wants total control over that arena.

I don't need to feel 'warm and fuzzy' or think leftist to appreciate what Linux can do, and Windows cannot. Maybe that's why I've been running
Linux on my computers for the last six years, without a trace of Microsoft
to be found.

David E. Fox
Sunnyvale, CA USA

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