[svlug] sparcstation 5: first steps

Compunuts compunuts at telocity.com
Tue Jun 5 00:11:02 PDT 2001

At 11:36 PM 6/4/2001 -0700, Rick Moen wrote:
>begin Dagmar d'Surreal quotation:
> > Unable to reach?  It seems you think I'm talking about politely asking
> > the user to surrender the BIOS password.  By no means am I talking
> > about anything other than LEGAL action.
>Well, I guess I can only say that I approve:  I wish I'd had you on my
>side as reserve weaponry on the couple of separate occasions when I've
>been in corporate MIS.

I would agree with Rick on it. At the REAL corporate world, unless you have 
a strong full time legal team with experts on employment law, employers 
tend not to press that hard on their fired/laid off employees...... I mean 
talk about money allocation.... How many time, realistically, will happen 
such cases in a given year and how much you are likely to loose? A few 
notebooks?? How much is a salary of a legal aid?? In his/her 6 fingers.... 
couple that with a possible bad PR and media, it's not worth to pursuit 
it.... even you may have lost some.. and that's why it's _very_ important 
to have plan for a possible bump if someone quit/got fired/laid off.....

>But it's been my experience that companies invariably lack the
>commitment to follow through on such things.  At $PRIOR_FIRM, one of my
>staffers quit and declined to return needed departmental property and
>key information that he alone had.  Personnel Dept.'s only comment was
>that it was not legal to withhold his final pay cheque (which is
>correct, as far as that went), and to just stare at my vacantly when I
>suggested it was in the immediate company interest to lean on him a
>That may not be rational, but in my experience it's corporate S.O.P.

Very familiar in deed... When I quit a PC MFG and went to work for Notebook 
MFG, my boss immediately shut down all my access to network and database (I 
was at business management at that time).. He would not even let me back up 
data from my notebook which I use as my desk machine and my laptop on 
weekends....... His reason is that I could have downloaded some valuable 
company secret data and my computer consist as such...I said fsck it and 
issue FORMAT C:\ and enter it.. I told him.. sue me !!! ....... which they 
never did....

>  > But then, I'm a notable hard-nosed bastard about not letting [l]users
> > bully me around on policy.
>Again, congratulations on finding employers who don't shoot you in the
>foot for reasons of personal interests and intra-company politics, when
>you try to establish and enforce a rational IS policy.

I would say you are lucky enough to not have worked for a large company 
with a lot of company politics, Dagmar. You could have been out the door 
the very next day on some companies I've been to...... depending on who you 
get tough with... Some little guy will not challenge you at all but once 
they do, you better be careful since they may hold some cards that you 
haven't seen.....

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